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Suzy Locke & Associates

Our seasoned associates are positioned throughout the world. They acquire posters in Rotterdam, sculptures in Italy, chalk prints in Kyota, acrylics in Oklahoma and fine paintings at auctions in London and New York.

As an advisor and planner, clients receive carefully-crafted programs for personal and/or corporate art investments, public exhibitions, and brand recognition. For clients whose primary emphasis is investment art, our portfolio allows for that option — as well as the opportunity to install rotating public space exhibitions, organized by our trained curatorial specialists.

art services include the following:

  • art acquisition for public and private collections
  • appraisal services
  • arrange and supervise art commissions
  • budget development
  • care and maintenence of your collection
  • educational materials and seminars for employees and visitors
  • framing and installation
  • individual and group counseling on art investments
  • management of government arts programs
  • pricing and contract negotiation
  • promotional public relations programs
  • records maintenance, including; insurance, security, cataloging and documentation
  • insurance and security recommendations
  • rotating and permanent exhibitions for government, public space, hospitals, corporate offices, museums and galleries